My name is Hugo Alves and I am a Software Developer from Lisbon.

I have been professionally writing code since 2013. I work mainly with Java backend applications, typically using Spring Boot with the traditional Servlet Stack, Kafka, Docker, REST APIs and so on. I also like to code in Python, and more recently GO. Beyond coding, I have a keen interest in networking and security.

This blog aims to document my side projects and share any valuable insights I come across.

If you want to contact me you can email me, or find me on LinkedIn or GitHub.

My certifications

My Projects

Apart from my day job, I like to keep some side projects to learn new stuff.

This blog

A basic static website hosted in HashNode. Here I will try to document some findings that I may think could be useful for someone, mostly about Java, Spring or networking.

Coisas de Miúdos

The objective was to create a platform for Portuguese parents to buy and sell children's items. For example, parents can sell toys they no longer need, or they can purchase a second-hand stroller.

I used this project to step out of my comfort zone with Java and Spring and explore something new with Python and Django.

Passar no Código

This website serves as a platform where users can prepare for their Portuguese driving license exam. The app offers various tools that users can utilize to practice before taking the actual driving license exam. Users can engage in multiple modes of exams, such as exams with the most difficult questions, exams with strict time limits and so on. Additionally, users can track their progress; using the provided statistics, they can determine the best time to take the real exam.

This side project was useful to learn reactJs and JHipster.